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Feb 20, 2014 - Half Way

Me + baby bump cheering on Team Canada in Sochi

I’m just over halfway through pregnancy, at 5 months. So far things have been pretty smooth, despite lots of new experiences for me. In some ways being an athlete has been advantageous because I think I’m pretty aware of my body and good at listening to it. However, in other ways I’ve had to shut off my athlete brain and try to be more flexible and “laissez faire” with training.

Trent and I took a trip to Chile over Christmas to speak at a sports conference, do a hiking trip in Patagonia and travel around a bit. Since I’ve been teaching full-time and volunteer coaching, things have been pretty busy and I was looking forward to relaxing and getting in a bit of training camp. I was able to do both (pics below of my "weight training" without a weight room), but definitely had to account for how travel, jet lag and heat would effect the pregnant me. As an athlete, I’m always cognizant of those things, but this time around took more days off and pull back when I was tired much more.

Trent and I infront of Lake Pehoe in Patigonia, Chile.

I’ve learned that pulling back is the best thing I can do when I’m feeling off. As athletes we’re so used to pushing through discomfort and fatigue that it’s hard to turn that mentality off, but being pregnant and having another human being to worry about has helped my more rational side come take over. In retrospect, I probably could have used that more in the past!





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